graphic designer

QC30 product story

As part of a larger digital branding project, the team created a compelling product story about innovative noise cancelling headphones. As part of the wire-framing process, we outlined the pertinent features and decided on an initial hierarchy. We gave more weight to the most important feature, adjustable noise cancelation, and created an interactive piece to mimic the product's noise canceling technology in real life. Following the main panel, the team completed the product story utilizing video and gallery components, ultimately leading the customer to click through to an e-commerce page.

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Creative team / Sam Wyllie, Alan Segama, Nick Marini


QC30 interactive panel

The team designed an interactive experience to show the consumer first-hand how adjustable noise cancelation works, as the main innovative product feature. The user interacts with the remote (inset) in the same way that they would with the product itself. If they increase the amount of noise cancelation, less of the person's world is shown in color. If the user decreases noise cancelation, more of the environment is revealed as they become more aware of their surroundings.